- Feb 05, 2018-

Ampoule refers to a hard glass sealing container, a drug commonly used in stored injection and vaccine, serum ampulla is a Latin Transliteration. Used a straight neck and neck two. The capacity is generally 1 ~ 25ml. It is commonly used in injection of liquid medicine, and also for the packaging of oral liquid.

Common problems: the load is unstable, and the adjustment load nut does not work. Cause: the irrigator's stamen and the coat are not tight; the spring force is not uniform; the injector is not fixed in the sleeve. The way to solve this problem is to change the matching and strict medicine filling device, replace the new spring, add the washer or the adhesive tape on the contact between the filling device and the sleeve, make the filling device fixed in the sleeve, check regularly whether the nut is loose or not, and timely remove the impurities at the bottom of the nut.