Brief introduction and classification of glass tube

- Feb 05, 2018-

The glass tube is a kind of non English metal tube, with sodium hydroxide (Na2O), boron oxide (B2O3) and silica (SiO2) as basic elements of a glass. Its good performance has been widely recognized all over the world, compared with ordinary glass, non-toxic side effects, its mechanical properties, thermal stability, water resistance, alkali resistance, acid resistance and other properties are greatly improved, can be widely used in various fields of chemical industry, aerospace, military, family, hospital and so on, and has good popularization value and society benefit, this kind of glass in China is a new revolutionary base material industry.

Glass tubes can be divided into four types:

1 ordinary glass tubes, such as laboratory use;

The 2 Chemical glass tube is usually made of boron glass with good thermal stability and good corrosion resistance. Transparent, easy to clean, small flow resistance, low price. But the pressure is low and easy to destroy. -30~+130 can be used for temperature, temperature blast can not exceed 80 DEG C occasions.

3. neutral glass tube

4 high borosilicate glass tube