History of Ampoule

- Mar 19, 2018-

The ampoule bottle is a small glass container for filling the liquid. The capacity is generally 1 ~ 25ml. It is often used for the storage of injectable liquid, and also for the packaging of oral liquid.
The earliest for the blood samples, and used for burial beside them, in the Rome tomb | Christian catacombs (Christian catacombs). At first, only the martyrs' funeral was able to enjoy the treatment, and later became a common custom.Modern ampoules are made of glass tubes. They are widely used to fill in injection preparations and to isolate high purity chemicals from air. The nipple with fire package to cut off the air, the Department has bottleneck mark, when pressure is applied to extract liquid will break the bottleneck.

Nowadays, ampoules is more widely used in pharmaceutical packaging industry. It can be used to contain many different medicines.