Internal pressure resistance of medicinal glass bottles

- Jan 14, 2019-

Molded infusion bottles and molded injectable bottles should be made into a molding process. Quartz sand and borax are used to make glass bottles on the kiln row machine. The appearance looks rougher than the control bottle. Domestic large infusion packaging is mainly made of molded glass infusion bottles. After filling the medicines, the pharmaceuticals need high temperature sterilization. The liquid inside the medicine bottles is heated and the internal air pressure is increased. To ensure the integrity of the medical glass bottles, the medicinal molding bottles Internal pressure resistance is also one of the glass bottle testing items in pharmaceutical laboratory. Molded infusion bottles and molded injectable bottles have internal pressure requirements of ISO 600Kpa.

The glass bottle internal pressure testing machine meets the relevant requirements in the YBB00312002-2015 "Soda-Calcium Glass Molding Injection Bottle" standard. There are two measurement methods in the drug packaging material standard: the first method: applying uniform internal pressure within a predetermined time. The test requires a pass-through and incremental test, and the second method tests to increase the internal pressure at a predetermined constant speed, requiring a pass-through and destructive test. For larger infusion bottles, both methods require testing. The soda-lime glass with a smaller volume can be used in the first method without destructive testing.