The Safety Issues about Injection Vials

- Apr 10, 2018-

Safe injection practices include measures taken to perform injections in a manner that is safe for patients and providers. Such measures are included in standard infection prevention practices and apply to all patients in all healthcare settings. Healthcare should not provide a pathway for transmission of bloodborne viruses to patients or providers.  This website addresses safe injection practices for patients. Improper use of syringes, needles, and medication vials during routine healthcare procedures, such as administering injections have resulted in more than 50 outbreaks and 150,000 patient notifications in U.S. hospital and non-hospital settings with transmission of bloodborne viruses, including hepatitis B and hepatitis C virus to more than 600 patients. These outbreaks resulted from failure to follow basic infection control procedures and aseptic technique in injection safety, including reusing syringes, contaminating multi-dose vials with unclean syringes, using single-dose vials for multiple patients, re-using end-caps from single-use syringes, using fingerstick devices on multiple patients without cleaning, and using blood-sugar measuring devices on multiple patients without cleaning.

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