Thermal shock resistance test

- Jan 14, 2019-

The anti-thermal shock test is also a common testing equipment in the laboratory of the pharmaceutical factory. Because the vial needs to be sterilized after the filling is completed, the freeze-dried powder medicine needs to be freeze-dried in the production, which is a test for the glass bottle. . For international standards for pharmaceutical packaging bottles, borosilicate glass is 60 ° C and soda lime glass is 42 ° C. This new standard is the same as ISO.

Glass bottle thermal shock tester RCY-02 test method for detecting thermal shock resistance of medicinal glass bottles:

Set the temperature of the high temperature tank and the low temperature bath of the thermal shock tester to a preset temperature difference. After a certain amount of the sample of the medicinal glass bottle is heated by the high temperature bath, it is quickly placed in the low temperature tank, and then taken out after observation. The damage rate of the sample after hot and cold shock.