- Feb 05, 2018-

A wine or a display device. Tang Yue kiln green glaze bottle, xing kiln white glaze, craft fine, pure glaze color. In the Song Dynasty North and south kiln a large number of firing green, white, black, pale, black-colored, brown, three-color and lacquer rust flowers and other decorative bottles. The shape has jade pot spring bottle, plum bottle, rib bottle, net bottle, Volume Mouth bottle, handicap bottle, diameter bottle, wear with bottle, string bottle, melon edge bottle, olive bottle, bile bottle, gourd bottle, double fish bottle, multi tube bottle, pan dragon bottle, pierced ear bottle, etc. Yuan Dynasty, all the bottles, four-series flat bottles for the original, the Ming Dynasty, the celestial sphere bottle, Gourd flat bottle, Po Moon bottle, Elephant ear folding square bottle, gooseneck bottle, garlic bottle, there are club bottles, Willow bottle, Phoenix bottle, lantern bottle, Elephant leg bottle, double land bottle, turn heart bottle, turn neck bottle and other forms of different varieties in Qing Dynasty.