What is the difference between controlling antibiotic bottles and ordinary bottles?

- Nov 01, 2018-

1. The method is different. The control bottle is first drawn into a glass tube, and then the glass tube is used to make a bottle in a vertical rotary machine. The molded bottle is made of borax and quartz sand in a kiln row machine. The control bottle does not use the mold, only two sets of mold wheels are used, and the mold bottle needs a complete set of molds;

2, the appearance is not the same, the appearance of the control bottle looks brighter, the transparency is better, the molded bottle is rougher.

3, material: the control bottle is generally low borosilicate, can also produce high borosilicate, medium borosilicate, and the molded bottle is soda lime glass, because the material is inferior to the control bottle in the acid resistance. Control bottles are better lyophilized, while molded bottles cannot be lyophilized.

Antibiotics used to be called antibiotics. In fact, it not only kills bacteria but also inhibits and kills other pathogenic microorganisms such as mold, mycoplasma, chlamydia, spirochete, rickettsia, etc. Usually, antibiotics are called antibiotics. . Antibiotics may be a substance produced during the growth and reproduction of certain microorganisms, and the antibiotics used for the treatment are directly extracted; or artificially synthesized or partially artificially synthesized. In general, antibiotics are drugs used to treat a variety of non-viral infections. However, many side effects have appeared in clinical use.