Advantages Of Oral Liquid

- Feb 05, 2018-

Compared with the decoction, oral liquid has the following advantages:

1, belongs to the liquid preparation, the vast majority of the solution type, fast absorption, play a quick effect.

2, the use of single dose packaging, easy to carry and take, easy to save, safe and effective.

3, save or trouble, for the treatment of acute disease.

4. It is suitable for industrial production, the preparation process is strictly controlled, the quality of oral liquid and the curative effect are stable.

5, small dosage, good taste, easy for patients, especially children, infants and children accepted.

Some varieties can be used for emergency medicine medication, such as four Sini Decoction oral liquid, Yinhuang Oral Liquid, so in recent years the tablets, granules, pills, decoction, traditional Chinese medicine mixture into oral liquid and injection system, which has become one of the forms of rapid development in pharmaceutical preparations. However, oral liquid has higher requirements for production equipment and process conditions and cost more expensive.