The characteristics of the glass bottle in the packaging industry

- Feb 05, 2018-

The main characteristics of glass packaging containers are non-toxic and tasteless. They are transparent, beautiful, barrier, air tight, rich in raw materials, low in price, and can be used for many times. And it has the advantages of heat-resistant, pressure resistant, and cleaning, which can be sterilized at high temperature and can be stored at low temperature. It is because of its advantages, thus become the packaging material of beer, tea, drinks and many other Wild Jujube Juice preferred.

71% of the world's beer filling in glass beer bottle, and China is the world glass beer bottle country with the highest proportion, accounting for 55% of the global glass beer bottles, each year has more than 50 billion, the glass beer bottles as the mainstream packaging of beer packaging, after beer packaging hundred years of vicissitudes, is still the material structure, it the stability of no pollution, low prices are in favor of the beer industry, "when packaging enterprises want to have beautiful appearance, also can give people the cold touch, glass bottle packaging is preferred. In general, glass bottles are still the usual packaging for beer companies. " It made a great contribution to beer packaging, and most people like to use it.