Freeze-dried Bottle

- Nov 01, 2018-

The vials are generally used as packaging for pharmaceuticals such as vaccines, biological agents, powder injections, freeze-dried drugs, etc., and are the main packaging forms for sterile powdered drugs. At present, with the increase of China's population and the implementation of the second-child policy, the demand for such drugs in China continues to expand, and the size of the vial market is also rapidly expanding.

With the development of vacuum freeze-drying technology, after nearly a decade of market competition and optimized combination, China's vacuum freeze-drying technology has also achieved certain results. It is understood that China's pharmaceutical vacuum freeze dryers and their technical performance are basically mature, and proceed to higher-end targets under the corresponding industry standards.

However, from the point of view of actual production, the problem of broken bottles in the process of freeze-drying of domestically produced vials is a big “bad disease”. In order to get rid of this development obstacle, Chinese technical researchers have further solved the problem by starting from the equipment manufacturing, the quality of the vial itself and the freeze-drying process.

Judging from the manufacturing situation of the equipment, the progress of the freeze dryer in China in recent years is obvious to all. However, individual manufacturing companies are still at the stage of copying the structure of foreign equipment, completely sturdy and hard-working, and cannot be combined with the actual use of China. Due to the different technical qualities, different design structures and manufacturing processes, there is no uniform standard. Some manufacturers have poor flatness of the shelf, especially for large-area shelves. When the tampon is finished after lyophilization, the pressure distribution is uneven, causing individual bottles to be crushed.

Therefore, it is a key to improve the overall comprehensive quality of the Xilin bottle manufacturing enterprises and improve the technical level, and design and manufacture according to the unified standards.