Injection Molding Points Of The Cover Mold

- Feb 05, 2018-

First, how to speed up the molding cycle of the product? It is the key to optimize the design of die structure and the cooling system. Of course, good high stability injection molding machine is also necessary.

The second, first good mold must have a long working life at high speed. To do this, a high quality bottle cap must be used to injection mold materials and parts. It also keeps the five gallon cover injection mold structure simple and easy to maintain in its own factory.

Third, a reasonable choice of Masino mold processing equipment and project high precision tracking team and QC departments to implement the project, which will directly lead to late customers spend less time to modify and adjust the mould. And the reasonable selection of processing technology will shorten the processing time of the whole bottle cap injection mold.

Fourth. The compatibility with the bottleneck.