Type And Style Of Ampoules

- Feb 05, 2018-

A injectable container is usually an ampoule or container made of a hard neutral glass (such as a penicillin bottle) and a plastic container.

The style of the ampoule neck ampoule and powder ampoule, its volume is usually 1, 2, 5, 10, 20ml and other specifications, in addition to the neck of the ampoule. The new national standard GB2637-1995 regulations shall be used for water injection ampoule neck easy ampoule. In order to avoid the bottleneck caused by breaking the ampoule glass chips and particles into the ampoule liquid pollution, the State Drug Administration (SDA) has been pushing neck easy ampoule.

There are two easy to fold ampoules, easy to fold ampoules in color ring and easy to break ampoules in point mark. Color ring easy ampoule is an expansion coefficient higher than two times of the low melting point glass ampoule powder fused in an annular ampoule neck, after cooling due to expansion coefficient of two kinds of different glass, | medical education network to produce a ring of permanent stress in the annular parts, force ninety percent off can smooth break, not easy to produce bits of glass. Points scored easy ampoule can have a slight notch in the neck position, color, in the center with a diameter of 2mm notch is broken, the back force applied to the middle of the notch after fracture, cross section should be smooth. At present, the ampoules are mostly colorless, which is helpful to check the clarity of the liquid. Amber glass ampoules are available for the drug that needs to be shaded. Amber color can be used to filter ultraviolet light, suitable for photosensitive drugs. Amber ampoule contains iron oxide. Trace iron oxide is likely to be leached into the product. If the components contained in the product can be catalyzed by iron ions, then amber glass containers can not be used.